SEC REG. NO:  CN201104434                                                                                       TIN NO:  008-007-065

This non-profit organization is to campaign environmental awareness and helping the street people, the sick and disabled, and less fortunates to be spiritually, mentally, intellectually, physically, socially and financially stable.
Dear Sir/Ma'am,

We would like to propose for your sponsorship/pledge to Mystica Charity Foundation's Projects particularly for the Mystica Temple Church Building Fund. Your share of donations will be intended for the work of our Almighty King and Saviour, with a vision to glorify our Lord by restoring God's Paradise to be great beyond measure, holy and awesome through the establishment of a new Holy Temple Of God in the Philippines. This is the Mystic Temple of the people, by the people and for all the people in this planet regardless of each race. Everyone is entitled to have a freedom of religion and a freedom to choose the right path. It is not the religion that will save us, it is our Christian faith! We encourage everyone to participate and join with each other since we all belong to one Creator and Savior. This is not to promote and share about my own religion as a Christian. This is to share the gospel of God and about my spiritual gift and my great testimony being an appointed LADY OF GOD!                                                                                                                          
As a multi-talented celebrity-motivator-speaker-evangelist (, my job and my mission is to preach the pure and true gospel of Jesus Christ, to declare the message that God has sent me, to globally prepare, develop, encourage, strengthen and equip the people and international Christian leaders to become effectively and personally involved in leading people of different nations to meet Jesus Christ when He comes to His Temple, and to build the Temple of the Lord under His direction so His people shall then be gathered with love and humility with an eye single to the glory of God and the welfare and restoration of His Paradise and Kingdom. 

As a former Managing Director of Better Globe Philippines and Asia (, a multi-tasked philantrophist, humanitarian leader, and environmentalist, my purpose is to plan and supervise the development of human, health, spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, economical, financial, partnership and natural resources for cross-cultural ministry opportunities in order to balance with my charity services through my Mystica Charity Foundation ( to establish a housing project for the less fortunate residents around the temple area as well as to campaign environmental awareness and a global green revolution to restore the mother earth once again into a mystic paradise by planting trees, vines, plants and vegetables, to promote people empowerment and pursue a unique livelihood advocacy for the benefit of the unfortunates and the less privileged people locally, nationally and globally.

On behalf of Mystica Charity Foundation, allow me to respectfully elaborate and extend a panoramic picture of our mission to make a significant impact by targeting several key regions of the world, through a multiple coordination with the different NGO’s here and abroad which require a rather larger or bigger contribution to our multiple functions to be able to succeed.

To make that pledge a reality, I can't do it all alone and I need your participation and contribution, besides your prayer and petition. As a holistic Celebrity Advocate in the Life-Changing Business, public speaker, social media marketer, event planner and organizer/producer, seminar leader, motivational speaker, information marketer, charity organization leader, public relation officer, website and internet marketer/advertiser, radio/tv host, movie/TV/stage  producer/director, showbiz personality and a commercial endorser, what I ask of you is not a plea for blind support.

With your involvement and partnership/sponsorship and for your name's/company’s maximum benefit, your product and company will be acknowledged on my various charity, social, motivational seminars and religious events, and also be acknowledged as donors/sponsors on my various websites. This is a sponsorship opportunity designed specifically to offer your company maximum exposure, to raise your profile, enhance your reputation, help to attract new business and instill that vital ingredient for success - trust. 

Your sponsorship can be by Western Union, Cebuana, Mlhuillier, by check or can be sent directly to this account:


By faith we are moving forward and hope that you will assist us with your generous donations which will help us to accomplish this monumental task. Never forgetting that “We can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4: 13

Thank you in advance for your generous donations! May you be recipients of the Lord’s saving grace always.


Ruby Rose M. Villanueva
President/Founder of Mystica Charity Foundation

Email: or
Cell: 0926-7397506 or 0926-6562935

1 Chronicles 28:10
The LORD has chosen you to build a temple for worshiping him. Be confident and do the work you have been assigned.
To All Contestants, Donors and Sponsors;

I would like to propose for your PARTICIPATION and SUPPORT to my project called "MYSTICA TEMPLE MEN’S PHYSIQUE COMPETITION". This is open for the benefit of every body builder regardless of race, age and size in order to promote people empowerment and motivation to pursue a unique body building and fitness advocacy through proper diet and the right nutrition.

As a Showbiz Icon and Celebrity Environmentalist, Humanitarian and Lifestyle Philantrophist popularly known as MYSTICA who is now a Doctor of Divinity as well as the symbolic Prophet for the MYSTICA TEMPLE
( also known as the EZEKIEL TEMPLE (Ezekiel 40-48), my goal and mission is to share and reveal the MYSTERY (The Secret) of ourselves through our environmental, social, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, health and wellness programs during our special events and seminars.

To make that pledge a reality, I can't do it all alone and I need your generous donation, support and participation. As a holistic Entertainer in the Life-Changing Business, public speaker, social media marketer, event planner, seminar leader, motivational speaker, information marketer, environmental celebrity advocate, radio/tv host, movie/TV/stage producer/director, singer, dancer, model, actress and commercial endorser, what I ask of you is not a plea for blind support.

With your involvement and partnership with my current fitness advocacy, all the contestants will be awarded a special Certificate of Appreciation in joining the MYSTICA TEMPLE MEN’S PHYSIQUE COMPETITION. We will also be choosing FIVE (5) FIRST PRIZE WINNERS with Trophies and the GRAND PRIZE WINNER will also receive a TROPHY and a GRAND CASH PRIZE of Php 100,000.00 to be awarded by the MAJOR SPONSOR.

For any DONOR, you can donate an amount of P25,000 and as a SPONSOR, you can sponsor for an amount of P40,000 and you will be given 30 seconds to plug your product/business during the night of the event on SEPTEMBER 25, 2016, SUNDAY, AT 6PM-10PM at the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

DONORS and SPONSORS will also receive special awards for your voluntary participation and support and your name and/or company will be credited as a donor or sponsor to all our media advertisements in print or on the internet.
For more info and inquiries, please contact Mystica or Kid Lopez at 0926-7397506 or 0915-9418576. Your registration fee, donation or sponsorship can be by cash (or through Cebuana/M. Lhuiller/Western Union/Smart Padala/LBC), check or can be sent directly to Mystica’s account:

Ruby Rose M. Villanueva
Philippine National Bank – General Trias Branch
Savings Account # 3610-035353
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM

We have before us a city, a country, a planet and our people that are in need of our support. We are their leaders, the standard they live by...we are their HEROES!


Ruby Rose M. Villanueva Cassidy a.k.a. Mystica
Producer/Director/TV Host - "THE MYSTIC ROAD TO SUCCESS" of Mystic Productions (
President/Founder of Mystica Charity Foundation